• Louis Parent

What are the wastes in the Lean Construction industries?

There are eight (8) wastes identified by Lean Construction. In order to remember them, I use the acronym TIMWOODS:

1. Transportation: Unnecessary movement of material, products and equipment;

2. Inventory: excess raw material, products, tools and equipment;

3. Movement or Motion: People moving from one area to another without adding value;

4. Waiting: any kind of waiting such as material, information, held back from the

completion of a preceding activity;

5. Overproduction: Creating too many products than the customer need or before it is


6. Over-processing: performing extra steps or work beyond expectations;

7. Defect: incorrect work that needs to be repaired, replaced or scrapped;

8. Skills: underutilizing people’s talent, skills, creativity and knowledge.

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