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Quality management system & Lean Construction

What is a Quality Management System and how can it help in my Lean Construction journey?

A Quality Management System (QMS) allows a company to standardize its activities and put in place a clear process to achieve consistently the quality objectives.

Using Lean, it should focus on the client to create the best value possible and reduce waste. When linked to your Project Management Office (PMO) it becomes very powerful as it puts together the plan, the execution, the monitoring and controlling and foremost the lessons learned.

The International Standard Organization (ISO) sets the requirement of a QMS is its ISO9001:2015. A QMS does not have to be a complex bureaucracy. Do a value stream mapping of your activities and learn where you actually create value for your client and emphasis your quality actions around them. Ask yourself if the procedure is a “nice to have” or a “must have”?

Last but not least, the QMS should be flexible as it needs to consistently evolve as the processes will change in our continuous improvement quest. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)

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