• Louis Parent

Operational excellence & why Lean Construction

I remember reading when I did my Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course the following: “Operational excellence is a philosophy of leadership, teamwork, and problem solving resulting in continuous improvement throughout the organization.”

So why Lean Construction? Because when you built-in your company, this culture of continuous improvement multitude things happens:

• You increase your company’s reputation as you focus on the need of your customers;

• It creates a better and safer environment where you can leverage the contribution of

everyone to the success of your company and your client;

• You become the company of choice for your client and your employees because you


• It promotes teamwork, empowerment and accountability;

• It focuses on producing a high-quality output;

• As you eliminate waste, you become more competitive because you optimize all

activities in the process therefore increasing your efficiency and your productivity;

• Your margin increases;

• It reduces risks because you are more in control; Lean is not an austerity program it is

operational excellence to generate value.

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