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Maximizing the flow of your construction projects

Mis à jour : 19 juil. 2019

Yesterday’s post discussed what generating customer value meant for a construction project. Lean Construction is also about maximizing the flow. But what do we mean by that?

• Maximize the value-added activities and making the most out of the accessory activities;

• Working on eliminating the 8 wastes;

• Making the worksite safe;

• Removing any silos to create a rhythm to the project by setting takt time - Optimize the

whole and not parts;

• Collaborate, communicate and have the information available when needed with best

practice project management

• Having the right material, equipment and resources available when its needed – using

just-in-time pull and not a push;

• Integration of the entire supply chain;

• Create a Lean culture of first-time right by having a robust quality management system;

• Creating efficient processes and standard on how things are done and making it

available while continuously improving it.

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