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Generating value in construction projects

Mis à jour : 19 juil. 2019

Lean Construction definition is to generate customer value by maximizing the flow and removing waste while continuously improving the process. So, what is customer value?

• It satisfies the customer’s needs and wants defined in the project charter;

• A project that has met or was finished under budget;

• Achieved without using all the famous contingency;

• Completed on time;

• Within the designed quality. But it is much more than that.

• It is also about the satisfaction of the Customer Experience and its perception;

• It is about all the Internal & External customers from the designers that needs to deliver

their drawings, models and specification, to the general contractor and trades that need

to execute, to the operational staff that will receive the completed project.

• It is about the relationship, commitment, alignment and accountability of everyone

involved in making each piece a success, not as parts of the project but as a whole.

That is what #Leanconstruction is all about!

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