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Technological Solutions for Your Construction Projects in Canada


Builthink Consultants offers you technological solutions that maximize your performance in the application of innovative practices and Lean Construction principles. Thus, we offer the following solutions to the North American market:

LeanCo Planning

  • Optimize your resources! LeanCo Planning is a platform that allows you to intuitively carry out and control your planning based on taktplanning or Planning Railway. The platform promotes communication and collaboration. You will see at a glance the impact of one business component on the other when delays occur. Thus, the acceleration of decision making will allow you to find solutions to optimize your workforce with all stakeholders.

LeanCo Performance

  • Measure to improve! Thanks to LeanCo Performance, you can easily measure the added and non-added value by timing any of your construction site activities through observation. The data will be automatically available for a better analysis and allow you to increase the performance of your construction projects.

LeanCo Resolution

  • Streamline your real estate management for deficiencies and claims! LeanCo Resolution reduces the delays between a declaration and the remedial measures apart from decreasing the administrative processing time! Transform a complaint into customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Innovation and technology must be favoured in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of our industry.

Technology is a must if we want to transform our industry, but it has to be the right technological solution for the right reasons. It is with this in mind that we offer our solutions. Let us help you develop your strategy for adopting technological solutions.

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Technology as a Solution

To solve your project management problems, opt for our technological solutions.

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